Past Event Materials

WSA Winter Meeting 

Mona Johnson Presentation 

Jennifer Tran Presentation 

Ross Hunter/Kelli Bohanon Presentation 

Directors Meeting 2016


Lori Pfingst PowerPoint

Randi Schmidt PowerPoint

Parent Leadership Conference 2016

Stacy Gillett PowerPoint (ARC of King County)

Gretchen Stahr Breunig (WaKids data)

Fathers in Head Start Check List

Jennifer Moore College Access Now PowerPoint

Data Carousel PowerPoint

Data Carousel data set 1a

Data Carousel data set 1b

Data Carousel data set 2

Data Carousel data set 3

Data Carousel data set 4

Data Carousel data set 5


Feldesman Tucker Training- Head Start Eligibility and Grants Management Issues


Eligibility Handout 1

Eligibility Handout 2

Eligibility Handout 3 

Eligibility Handout 4

Eligibility Handout 5

Eligibility Handout 6 

Eligibility Handout 7

Grants Management Handout

WSTC Parent Leadership Institute 2015

Agenda English

Agenda Spanish

Family Engagement Group Notes

Legislative Update

WSA Winter Meeting 2015

Research Presentation - Emmalie Dropkin

DRS Slides- Emmalie Dropkin

WSIPP Slides- Noa Kay and Neil Bania

Legislative Update 2015- Joel Ryan

WSA Winter Directors Meeting 2014

Federal Landscape - Adele Robinson

DEL Preschool Expansion - Nicole Rose, Juliet Morrison

WSA Fall Meeting 2014

Devin Stubblefield Paying off Debt

Devin Stubblefield Predatory Financial Services

Templates of Credit Rebuilding Letters

Theresa Barilla - Chronic Stress LInks and PDF

Bette Hyde Presentation

Nancy Hutchins Presentation

Robert Butts Presentation

Robert Butts 30 sec Presentation

Laura Bronfreund The future of Head Start

Laura Bronfreund Subprime Learning and Beyond

Heather Kawamoto Racial Equity Tool

Heather Kawamoto Racial Equity Worksheet

Heather Kawamoto Oppotunity Gap

Region X March 2014 Conference

Here are the event materials from the March 2014 Region X Conference.

ACF Priorities and Iniatives

Child Safety

Connecting Our World

Creating Effective Agreements

Cycle of Inquiry_Full Data

Effective Use of PD Data in a PBC Model

EHS Data Session



Five Year Grant Cycle

Five Year Project Periods

G.Joseph_Region X Confernce

Growing EHS

How CLASS has Impacted Early Learning

Innovative Funding Opportunities

Leadership and Reflective Practice Culture

Measuring What Matters

Optimizing Quality Through IS


PBC in a Group Setting

PBC Take 2

PFCE Promising Practices

PLA Overview

Planned Language Approach Knowledge Cafe' Outline

Playgroup Presentation

Program Planning_Spotlight on Fiscal

Relationship Based Practices to Engage Families

Supporting HVs to promote Infant Toddler Development

WA State Prof Dev

What do Infants and Toddlers Need to be Ready for School

Why Good Governance Matters

Parent Leadership Family Engagement Materials

Group Activity on Engaging Familes

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