WSA Comments on Recompetition

WSA submitted an official comment letter to the Office of Head Start on their proposed rules for re-competition of Head Start programs. Our response was developed with the help of directors from member programs across the state, and includes seven major recommendations:

  1. Remove the 25% quota of recompeted programs per year.
  2. Let everyone start with a clean slate and don’t reach back to June 2009, so all programs will be judged on the same standards.
  3. Provide transparency regarding what makes up a deficiency, and develop a clear appeals process.
  4. Establish a secondary review process on audit findings, to insure that the issues outlined by the auditor were sufficient to justify recompetition.
  5. Don’t hinder the due process rights of grantees by recompeting programs that have not had their child care license revoked.
  6. Stay true to the CLASS Pre-K model without cutting corners during the monitoring process.
  7. Non-Compliances Should Not Factor Into Recompetition.

For a fuller discussion of WSA's recommendations, click here for the letter to OHS (pdf).

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