Kinsley and Nikki's ECEAP Story

My name is Nikki and I have two beautiful children Kinsley and Amelia. Kinsley is currently enrolled in the Lower Columbia Community College ECEAP program and my Amelia is getting ready to start Early Head Start. Kinsley attends a part day program and she has changed drastically since starting school. She loves going to school.  She is getting more interaction and socializing with her friends. This is helpful because she hasn’t seen anyone else her age, she is academically succeeding and where she needs to be. She attends in person and does some of her schooling virtually. We would love to have a full day spot for her and I wish that all ECEAP spots were full day!

Prior to LCC, I would take Kinsley to a child care program to help her escape the reality of life for us if only for a few hours a day. Before finding LCC, life was lonely and stressful for me. This program helped me get out of my shell and to get myself out of a domestic violence situation. I lost a lot of family and friends leaving that relationship and LCC has given me a net of positive people to surround myself with.

Since joining, I have become involved in the executive policy council, I am the state representative and the chair for the parent committee. I also serve on the interview and health advisory committees and this year became a Parent Ambassador. I have found such amazing ways to be involved in my community and my children’s education since enrolling Kinsley. I grew up as a foster child and didn’t have my parents a part of my life. This program gives me the ultimate ways to stay engaged and involved in my children’s lives and education and to break generational cycles. Everything I do is for my kids and now I’m even more empowered to advocate and fight for everyone to have access to programs like this. It is not only helping prepare Kinsley for Kindergarten, it has helped our entire family. 


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