2500 Will Lose Child Care Subsidy - Check out April's Story

On Oct 7 , the Department of Early Learning (DEL) held its first hearing on an emergency rule to restrict eligibility for the Working Connections Child Care subsidy program from 200 percent of the poverty level to 175 percent of the poverty level. Working Connections Child Care is a state funded program that provides subsidies to low wage workers to help them pay for child care for their children. To put the proposed cut in perspective, this means a family of three with income over $2,671 per month would no longer be eligible for a subsidy. DEL estimates that 2,500 families would lose WCCC or SCC subsidies over the next nine months under the new rules. Governor Gregoire has proposed this cut ($14.7 million) to reduce the budget deficit as state revenues have declined and caseloads for public assistance have climbed.

One of our Parent Ambassadors, April Ritter, may be among these families who lose their subsidy.  Check out her story:

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