Governor to Cut 4000 Families from Working Connections

Today the Governor announced that in order to reduce the budget by $31.6 million she would further restrict access to Working Connections Child Care subsidies for some of most at risk children and their families. The cut would mean that 4,115 will lose services on January 1st. The Governor is proposing to further restrict eligibility for the program from the current 175% of the poverty level ($2670/month for a family of 3) to 150% of the poverty level ($2289/month). Back in October the Governor cut more than 2,500 families off Working Connections Child Care subsidies to bring the total cut to more than 6,600 families.

One Tacoma single mom, Cecily Jenkins, is just $16 over the new income limit - as a result of this move, she will need to spend more than 60% of her take-home income on child care for her three kids, an almost impossible burden.

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